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My first week as an intern 

by Mie Windfeld Krog, Marketing Intern 


As a part of my master’s degree in Corporate Communication, I had the opportunity to get an internship at a relevant communications agency and when I got the chance to work at Cadesign form, I realized that my learning ratio would span remarkably beyond the formal requirements from my university. I was given the opportunity to explore the incredible and limitless world of visual communication.

On my first day, after greeting everyone, I was paired up with one of the company’s 3D graphic artists and project managers, John, who showed me some of the basic skills behind developing 3D still pictures. To put it mildly, I was completely stunned by the results that they were able to create. It was like stepping into a world of endless possibilities where the battery-power seemed to be the only limit.

Cadesign form has a very close collaboration with their clients which became clear to me from this very introduction. One of the computer screens showed a conversation between John and one of his clients who swiftly exchanged opinions and corrections concerning their current project. The corrections were everything from lighting, materials and interior to minor details such as shadows or the angle of a vase.

The final still picture represented everything the customer desired. It was a picture created entirely from Cadesign form’s technology and knowledge paired with the client’s wishes and imagination. Initially, I didn’t expect these minor changes to have such a significant impact, however when comparing images from the beginning and the end of the process it all made sense.

After speaking to John, I was introduced to one of the company’s 3D generalists, Casper, who showed me a brand new dimension which I wasn’t acquainted with until then, namely virtual reality. Just as I thought the use of technology within marketing couldn’t further surprise me, Casper hands me a pair of VR glasses and within a matter of seconds, I am standing in a brand new apartment on the 8th floor surrounded by beautiful furniture and interior making my way out on the balcony to admire the view.

The world of technology is beyond exciting and I can’t wait to dig deep and find creative ways to market this incredible phenomena. However, when I got home from my first day as an intern, I was completely exhausted from all of the new impressions and frankly a little bit confused as to how I was supposed to understand this new world of technology and let alone how to market it.

Most importantly, I knew that I had just started working at a workplace that goes beyond the tasks of a standard communications agency. I had started working at a company where they make the impossible possible – they create dreams through technology and I was thrilled to start finding a creative way to communicate this brand new world of technology and its implications.

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