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Interior Trend: Glass


By Chase Galliardo, Stylist


Trend: Glass


As fall rolls around and the temperatures drop, the colors of nature start to fade, giving us the urge to bring the colors of the outside, inside, and what better way to do so than by using a material that is both beautiful and expressive! GLASS is my word du jour – or in this case, word de l'année!

So get ready to start thinking glass into everything! Don’t just think of glass décor, as tableware or vases. The material is used heavily in both furniture, lamps and décor installations. There are plenty of options to bring this trend into your home and let the color and texture of the material affect the mood with its authenticity and aesthetics.

Glass is one of aw18 / ss19’s biggest keywords and therefore a trend that can’t and shouldn't be ignored. This is a trend we need to keep an eye out for!

Glass in interior design helps to bring an element of aesthetic into a room and is why more and more furniture is being sculpted from this material. It’s not as fragile as it used to be either. Now, often strengthened to a degree, glass is much longer lasting and safe to use within interior design adding another level of sophistication to the contemporary home.

So how does the new trend look? What are the shapes and what are the textures and what color should you aim for. Well, colored glass is key, but besides the various colors to choose from, the twist to update this much-loved material is making it softer, more organic and with lots of marks left by the artist. Handmade imperfections and lots and lots of air bubbles left visible in the material are trending big. However, you will still find new designs that are sharp in the edges with hard lines and a minimalist look but the surface will then most likely be covered with a rough ripped pattern, or a metallic glazed gradient just... And yes, ribbed glass is now officially a "thing". Just as we’ve seen it a few years back, it is now back on the shelves once again with the surface appearing on everything from glassware to vases and light fixtures and most likely paired with brass. This season’s glassware gets more rough with an undefined finish without losing its identity.

So to round up, explore the designs out there, take note and keep it in mind for the next time you find yourself wanting to try something new when it comes to interior.

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